Traffic Light Offence: Can I obtain the photo?

I have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution for contravening a red traffic light. I honestly do not remember this offence and therefore would like to view the evidence. How can I obtain the photo?

Firstly, you will need to confirm that you accept you were driving at the time of the alleged incident.  Most Police forces will not consider sending evidence until identity is established.  Thereafter, you can contact the Police and ask for the photograph.  Although, strictly speaking, there is no obligation to provide evidence until a Summons is issued, many Police forces will disclose information either via letter, posting it on a website or alternatively allowing you to view it at a Police Station.  If the Police refuse initially to co-operate, be persistent and remind them that it is in their own interest to assist you as that may well result in the case being concluded more promptly.

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